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WestmouthshireWiki is a reference site in respect of Marc Nobbs' Westmouthshire series of Novels and Short Stories.

Westmouthshire is a fictional county on the south-east cost of England, created by Marc Nobbs for his novel Kissed by a Rose, sitting between Kent and East Sussex. The country takes its name from the second largest settlement in the county, Westmouth, which in turn is so named because it sits on the mouth of the River Westell.

Every novel Marc has written since Kissed by a Rose has been set in Westmouthshire.

This reference guide has been written to aid Marc in writing future novels so that he doesn't mess up characters, places and history. Many pages will contain "spoilers", for example, a character's page will contain details of his actions in one or novels and a book's page will contain a summary of the plot.

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