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This is a timeline of events in the Westmouthshire Universe. Work on this timeline is ongoing.


This page contains spoilers to almost every secret in the Westmouthshire universe. You have been warned.


The abbreviations in superscript at the end of each entry indicate the novel the event is documented in. They are as follows:

Standalone Novels

The Paul Robertson Saga

The Ladz Local Lovelies Series

Time Line





2000 - 2007





  • 28th May - Will Brown attends his High School reunionEE
  • 29th May - Will and Lizzie have lunch together for the first time in over fifteen yearsEE
  • 1st June - Will and Amy have lunchEE
  • 3rd June
    • (Afternoon) - Will and Jeremy play golf with two partners from Jenkins McCall SmithEE
    • (Evening) - Will and Amy have dinner together and afterwards make loveEE
  • 4th - 5th June - Will and Amy spend all weekend together while John is on a business trip in LondonEE
  • 6th June
    • John returns London.EE
    • Lizzie calls Will and asks her to go to her house. There he finds Amy who has been physically assaulted by JohnEE
    • Will takes Amy to his house, then returns to Lizzie's to confront JohnEE
    • John waits for Will to leave Lizzie's house then follows him. Will loses his tail by meeting Jeremy at the his office and swapping carsEE
  • 7th June
    • Amy reveals it is her deceased son's birthdayEE
    • Will speaks to officers from Serious & Organised Crime Agency about John and his gangland connectionsEE
    • Will has a Temporary Restraining Order placed on John for Amy's safetyEE
  • 8th June
    • Will is contacted by a representative of John's criminal gangEE
    • Will speaks with Amy about SOCA and the gang and asked her to decide what to do.EE
  • 9th June - Sophie Brown arrives unexpectedly at Will's houseEE
  • 11th - 12th June - Will and Amy spend the weekend with SophieEE
  • 13th June - The final confrontation between Will and John takes place, during which Sophie is taken hostage by John and John ultimately falls from the cliffs by Will's house to his death.EE
  • 17th June - The auction of the painting Will found takes placeEE




In the Future